Week 5

As the presentation is underway, designs continue developing for the Artist ‘pods’. Here is a preview of just some of the work being done:

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The group worked on designs following a tutorial where they explained the structure they wished to create. This was then worked through and structural details were produced.

IMG_5908 PODS-DETAILSprevious pod design


Our meeting with Julia and Renata at Harland Cafe allowed us to see our progress so far. A lot had been done in the past few days, even including an alternative temporary secondary glazing option. This had been produced alongside the see-saw sawdust briquette maker. The work on the first option was also progressing well.
IMG_20141030_121822372 IMG_20141030_125351501 IMG_20141030_125406000 IMG_20141030_130111843
The frame is complete!

IMG_20141027_154551 IMG_20141027_154603 IMG_20141027_170146
Others in the group were hard at work creating prototype models for the Artists ‘pod’ spaces, making good use of recycled material.

IMG_20141028_113845 IMG_20141028_114046
A lot of fun was had demonstrating how the see-saw sawdust squisher would work, the next step was to test it. We concluded our efforts so far with a group meal of Vietnamese food on London Road, preparing for plenty more hard work to come!

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